Art, science and speculation converge in this series of installations that asks, what makes us human and how might humans adapt in the future? This group of four art commissions incorporate architecture, design, robotics, biotechnology, chemistry, animism, film and performance to consider the entanglement between humans and non-humans, questioning the role these relationships play in making us who we are.

Featuring artists Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Lindsay Kelley, Ken Thaiday with Jason Christopher and Liam Young Human Non Human was organised around four chapters that examined fundamental aspects of life: Food, Work, Sex and Belief (PHM).

My role: Exhibition Design, Concept, Design Development, Production and Installation; Design coordination; Stakeholder management; Collaborated with artists.

Katie Butler (Lead Curator), Nina Earls (Assistant Curator), Fil Bartowiak (Graphic Designer), MAAS Workshop (Build), Ryan Hernandez (Images)