At the end of 2020 the Powerhouse acquired an important private collection of keyboards from the middle of the 20th century, a period prior to the rise of synthesisers. These electronic keyboards complement the existing collection of mechanical instruments, such as pianos and organs from the early 1900s, and a small collection of significant synthesisers. Together they create a unique opportunity to explore modern keyboard development and its contribution to the genres of jazz, pop, rock, soul and prog-rock (PHM).

The previous gallery space was closed in with walls and did not allow any site lines or visibility into the space from the corridor. My design proposed to demolish these walls and open up the space, allowing porosity between primary transition corridors into the gallery. To emphasise the vastness, I used a highly reflective material along the main gallery wall. A soundscape was also developed with the curator and sound designer to be played throughout the gallery. Key moments of popular songs were played above the instrument so visitors could explore the space and link the object to sound. 

Campbell Bickerstaff (Curator), Dawn Leyland (Graphic Designer), Jessica James Moody (Sound Designer), Rebecca Georgiades (Project Coordinator), PHM Workshop (Build) Zan Wimberly (Images).